Social media and the power of fitness ambassadors

Social media and the power of fitness ambassadors

What is a Fitness Ambassador?

A fitness ambassador is a blogger and influencer that holds a passion for creating community and sharing their love for all the things regarding health, beauty, and fitness. Ambassadors share inspiration for people on their fitness journeys, fun happenings, upcoming events, and even personal health journeys such as breast augmentation. It is about creating a support group where everyone can celebrate their goals.

Workout gurus and yoga influencers can be found everywhere on social media. When such individuals build up followers, it is important to ensure they are staying relevant. It takes things like a tenacity to reach new heights in the fitness industry, regularly posting on social media channels and being flexible with your social media strategies.

Quality content on social media

People ask which is more important the quality or the quantity of followers when it comes to social media. Fitness ambassadors are not just about having followers, you need to have quality connections.  Companies look for certain signs that you influence your network. If such companies aren’t seeing a consistent engagement from your posts then they are going to look the other way. 

Don’t just post something just because you can. Share something real and personal with your audience. For example, by sharing your breast implants before and after results you are bringing them on the journey with you. You need to be strategic about the content.

Always be professional

Brand ambassadors online are there to represent a brand through every interaction they have online. Your correspondence online will need to be professional. Companies look for ambassadors that have strong communication skills and reply to comments online in a timely manner, without causing any offence to the audience. A good brand ambassador will be able to handle situations professionally and calmly. 

Brand example 

Lululemon is a powerhouse fitness clothing brand that brings in a multi-pronged way to its digital marketing effects and social media. They are known for their leggings but as a business, they go beyond clothing and invest time in engagement with their community online. Having an online presence that matches with the in-store shows that a lot of thought has gone into their media planning. 

Their Instagram account is one of the most popular and most used in their social media accounts. They feature their brand ambassadors experiences with their products, and other stories from their wider community. They highlight different functions and are able to showcase the company’s social impact programs. They highlight the fitness members from the community and include plenty of cross-promoting when it comes to providing the inspiration for the audiences. They have an audience of people along with well-known yoga teachers. They show how people have created successful fitness careers, alongside showing fitness inspiration and aligning with available products.

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